How to make a Raspberry Pi Motion-Detected Security Camera

This post describes how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a motion-activated security camera using the free MotioneyeOS software. Other how-to guides and videos exist, but this one is geared more towards the beginner. This is because I’m a beginner, and I found the other “how-to’s” confusing and felt like […]

How to crack a password protected Excel Worksheet

Unlocking Excel Passwords

What happens if you have a password protected Excel worksheet and you’ve forgotten the password? Or maybe it’s at work, and the original creator of the document has since left the company — and with them the password. In order to crack the code, it’s fairly easy and you only […]

Building a frame box with variable compartments

Shadow Box

Building medium sized frame box with variable sized compartments is fairly simple and cheap. Here’s the material and tool list followed by the “how to” steps. Tools/materials required: 1 – 2 inch x 1 inch x 8 foot stick of wood Wood glue (or in retrospect pin nail or other […]

Do you have a frozen AC unit | fix it yourself

AC condensation Pump

Early this summer when we first turned on our AC, I noticed that it wasn’t generating very cold air in comparison with previous summers. When I checked the unit downstairs, every bit of exposed copper piping had frozen over, and when I went to check the outside unit, the condenser […]

How to Build a Chicken Run

Building a Chicken Run for Your Chickies! I’ll start off by saying that I’ve heard what I built called both a chicken run, and a chicken tractor. What specifically I built, or at least what people will call it I’ll leave up for debate, but I’ll refer to it as […]

How to remove and install stair end caps

Instead of writing step-by-step instructions on how to remove/install stair end caps, I believe the video below will do a far better job at explaining this process. Within the video you’ll find text explaining the steps I took to replace one of my one existing stair end cap, and how […]