I don’t know how it works, but it works

This concoction is absolute magic. When I saw the how-to video with before-and-after pics, I thought shenanigans were afoot. But when I tried it — it actually worked! This simple and cheap solution will remove pee ring stains from your mattress.

Here’s what you need to remove your pee ring stains for good:

  • ~ 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide (you really only need enough liquid to dissolve the baking soda fully, and so that your spray bottle straw reaches the liquid)
  • ~ 2-3 tbsp of baking soda. You’ll probably need a funnel or a folded piece of paper to get the powder into the bottle
  • Tiny drop of dish detergent
  • Spray bottle. If your bottle’s straw has a little filter tip on the bottom, you’ll need to pull that off or it won’t spray right. I’ve posted an affiliate link to a bottle similar to the one I used below.

Once you have the ingredients in the bottle, swish it around in a rotational motion (vs. shaking it) so it doesn’t foam up. If it does foam up, just wait for it calm down before trying to spray it.

Now, spray heavily around the edges of the pee ring, and let dry. When you come back…BLAMO. The pee ring should be gone!

I know…it seems too simple to be true. I was skeptical too, but it works!

Next, run your hands over the now dry fabric or mattress and see if it feels gritty. If it’s gritty, the baking soda dried out of solution and you’ll want to vacuum it off. Otherwise, mission complete — pee ring stain removed!

End of message heads up…I also have a YouTube channel with a lot of how-to videos and otherness. You can check it out here: Brian’s YouTube Channel.