Instead of writing step-by-step instructions on how to remove/install stair end caps, I believe the video below will do a far better job at explaining this process. Within the video you’ll find text explaining the steps I took to replace one of my one existing stair end cap, and how I installed two new ones. But before you start the video, I know it’s sometimes helpful knowing what tools will be required before you take on a project — and in this project the tools needed are minimal! (I also include this tool list in the video, in case you just want to start the video instead.

Tools Required:

  1. Hammer
  2. Hacksaw
  3. Spiral shank trim nails (should be in the same section of Lowe’s as the trim itself)
  4. Length of trim that will fit your stair edge(s)
  5. Chisel or thin prybar (to pull up the existing end caps if necessary)

Tools Possibly Needed: (My top stair, that had the existing end cap on it, provided me with a slightly different set up than the already exposed stair end cap…so I needed a few extra tools

  1. Wood glue

Miter/Table saw (I needed to cut little scraps of wood to build up the edge of one of the stairs — it’s unlikely you’ll need to do this)

Video How-To: